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Staff Highlight: Ashley Broshious

Our Easton Porter Group team members are the heart and soul of what we do. From meals served at our restaurants to personal touches at our boutique hotels, our high-touch teams work hard to elevate the art and joy of travel and dining.

Today, we are highlighting Ashley Broshious, our Restaurant Manager and Advanced Sommelier at Zero George and Zero Restaurant in Charleston, SC.

Check out the following Q&A with Ashley to learn more, then head over to Zero Restaurant to see her in action.

How/when did you begin working at Zero?

I began working at Zero back in December of 2018.  I knew I wanted to find a restaurant in Charleston that I believed in and I learn and grow with.  Zero George is a special place and has many of the same values I admired when working for other chefs and companies like Charlie Palmer.

What does a day in the life at Zero look like for you?

My day at Zero always starts with the kitchen.  I like to see how they are and how their day is going.  We review reservations for the night and get menus signed by chef for special occasions.  It then usually moves into building training materials, working on new projects, answering e-mails and creating our line up notes for the staff.  We hold line up at 4:30 every day and I love being able to work with the staff on our new wines for the pairing menus and brainstorming ways to make our service great.  Service is always a whirlwind with hotel guests and then our reservations.  I try and speak with every table during service to make sure their service is as special as possible.  We offer something unique to Charleston and I want to make sure our staff and our guests are happy and excited through-out service.  After service usually comes more paperwork and planning for the next day!

What is a favorite memory you have from working at Zero?

One of my favorite memories here at Zero George is one night, watching our staff who had been working so hard to elevate our service experience execute every step of service perfectly.  It was a perfectly timed night to begin with but every glass of wine was poured table-side elegantly, every dish dropped in unison and the staff genuinely connecting with our guests.  It’s my hope that we can hit that level of service every night.

What’s your favorite dish and wine on the ZRB menu?

Right now, we are serving Miyazake Wagyu as a supplement to the menu, and it the highest graded beef in the world.  No one in Charleston is featuring it and I wanted to make it even more special by pouring a wine as rare as the steak next to it.  Right now, the pairing is 1975 Chateau la Clusiere, St. Emilion Grand Gru from magnum (a double bottle).  The estate was sold and split into three other properties in 2001, so it doesn’t even exist anymore.  The wine is incredible, and we pour it table-side so that guests can see the bottle.  I just think it’s such a special wine, it’s fun to share it with our guests.

What is your favorite spot at Zero?

I don’t ever get to breathe at Zero! But honestly, I love walking on the Veranda while it’s quiet.  It’s just such peaceful spot on the property.

What are some things you love to do around Charleston when you’re not working?

Charleston is such a beautiful city I spend as much time outdoors as possible either at the beach or hiking on one of our many (but very flat) trails.  I also love dining out with friends and seeing other restaurant experiences in Charleston.  There are so many great places here but it’s also nice to get a different perspective on service.

We believe our team members are some of the best people out there. Visit one of our properties to experience our welcoming hospitality service first-hand, and check out our jobs page to see if you have what it takes to join Easton Porter.

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