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Intern Highlight: Eliza & Morgan

Today’s staff highlight goes to the Easton Porter Group’s two awesome marketing department interns for the Summer of 2017, Eliza Haverstock and Morgan Hatfield. Eliza is the Content Marketing Intern, and Morgan is the Photography/Videography Intern.  They are having a great time working for the Easton Porter Group, based at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards in Charlottesville! Read the following Q&A to find out more about them, and learn about all the exciting work that they’re doing as interns.

What are you studying, and what are you hoping to do after graduation? 

Eliza: I’m a rising third year at the University of Virginia, majoring in history and possibly also economics. I love writing and storytelling, so I’d like to pursue a career in marketing, journalism, or a related field. I am also thinking about doing Teach for America or going to law school down the road. I.e.: undecided.

MorganAs a rising fourth year at UVa, I’m quickly approaching the real world and am realizing I need to hone in on a career path. I’m a Media Studies major which has given me a lot of options, but I think I’m finally settling on a career in Marketing. Photography has always been a passion of mine so if I can incorporate that into my future, I know I’ll be happy wherever I end up.

Where did your interest in creative marketing/photography begin?

Eliza: This is my second marketing-based internship, and I really enjoy the creative aspects of it. I’ve always been very visually and design-oriented, so it’s a great fit. I’ve started doing some film photography this summer, and working at Pippin has been awesome inspiration. 

MorganPhotography has really always been in my life one way or another. When I was a kid, my dad documented everything I did with our VHS camcorder and eventually a digital camera so I learned first by watching him. After getting my first digital camera for my 6th Christmas, I was always shooting. As a teenager, I became obsessed with black and white film and, in high school, started my own photography business to raise money for the FeedMore program under the Central VA Food Bank. I’m so lucky I found this internship that’s taught me the business side of photography. It’s been an absolute dream.

What does your typical day at work look like? Favorite projects?

Eliza: I usually spend a good part of my morning catching up on the social media accounts for all of the Easton Porter Group properties. As the content marketing intern, I write a lot of blog posts for the company websites to increase S.E.O. and help maintain strong brand reputations. My favorite project has probably been doing these staff highlight blogs, because I get to meet so many cool people and learn about their lives! I also have a lot of fun taking pictures of cute pups who visit Pippin Hill, where the EPG office is located. 

MorganTypically, I start by going through all of Easton Porter Group social media accounts; I like, comment, follow, and respond to other account interactions. Whenever there’s something new or exciting going on around our Pippin Hill property, you can bet I’m there. Whether it’s what we have being harvested in our garden, puppies or goats around the grounds, wedding prep, or Chef creating yummy masterpieces, I’m there to capture it and share it with our loyal followers.  My favorite project though was getting to film Chef Lee Hendrickson at our Red Pump Kitchen making his house-made mozzarella. Storytelling through video fascinates me just as much as photography so getting to share the careful process that his Italian grandmother taught him was very rewarding.

What do you like best about interning for the Easton Porter Group?

Eliza: Pretty much everything! We have the best office of all time (literally inside the most beautiful winery in Virginia), and everyone here is so nice and helpful. I always have impactful projects to work on, and I’ve learned a lot more about marketing already. Plus, we get delicious free lunch from the Pippin Hill Tasting Room every day! 

MorganHonestly, I don’t think I can pick. I know that sounds super cheesy, but it’s true. Working for the Easton Porter Group has been such a rewarding experience. My bosses have taught me so much about marketing, collaborating with other businesses, Adobe, and we always manage to have a good time. Everyone here is dedicated to their craft but they also love to share tips to help us become better interns. Not to mention, we’ve been spoiled with the best view ever. I don’t think I can ever work from a cubicle again!

What are your favorite things to do in Charlottesville in your free time? 

Eliza: I absolutely love being in Charlottesville, and am thinking about staying here after I graduate honestly. My friends and I like to discover new hikes, such as Sugar Hollow and Old Rag. We’ve also been enjoying some awesome concerts downtown, going to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday, and trying delicious new restaurants!

MorganCharlottesville has truly become my new home. I’m from Richmond, but had never visited C-Ville before attending UVa. C-Ville is rich with culture, beautiful views, and a wholesome, small town feel. I’ve been trying to take advantage of all of it before I graduate so I’ve actually created a list of places and things to do before I leave. Between hiking, going to trendy exercise classes like rhythm cycling, trying all the local cuisine, and enjoying the beautiful sunsets at various happy hours all over town, I’m pretty much convinced that I need to stay here after I graduate next spring.

We are now hiring a new marketing intern based in Charlottesville, Virginia for the Fall of 2017. If you think you might be a good fit, connect with us on LinkedIn or UVA Handshake for more information.

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